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A Platform Needed to Fill a Knowledge Gap


“Successful industrial upgrading in an economy also requires new types of financial, legal, and other “soft” (or intangible) and “hard” (or tangible) infrastructure to facilitate production and market transactions and allow the economy to reach its production possibility frontier.”
Source: Justin Yifu Lin and Célestin Monga, The Growth Report and New Structural Economics, World Bank, 2010


There is substantial global consensus, backed by robust empirical evidence, that “strong legal and judicial institutions are an important cornerstone of sustainable economic and social development.” The acknowledged importance of law in development, however, has never been accompanied by sustained international collaboration of the type and magnitude needed to fully leverage the immense potential contribution of this agenda to development. There are, scattered across the globe, centers of legal excellence whose advances, while significant, are not sufficiently and readily available to law and development scholars, experts and practitioners. Those most in need of knowledge are unable to access easily the rich array of existing international research, policy and practice products.

The purpose of the Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development is to address such constraints – by providing a mechanism for continual and efficient knowledge exchange and co-generation among all stakeholders all over the world, supported by an advanced technological platform.

The Global Forum aims to fill a knowledge gap by providing an innovative and dynamic international system of exchange and knowledge translation to connect governments, think-tanks, regional and international organizations, International Financial Institutions, private sector, and civil society organizations with relevant research and practice to improve development outcomes. The project provides targeted audiences a coherent, sustained program of collaborative research and technical assistance to accelerate knowledge translation and use. The Global Forum has a multi-disciplinary approach, which combines economic, legal, and technical aspects of targeted issues.

Current technological advances provide for new and more efficient tools and opportunities to connect experts and stakeholders around the world. They make it easier to identify and co-generate relevant knowledge products and solutions and to make them available, as public goods, to the global community. The need for a permanent legal forum can be met by harnessing new technologies to create a common, permanent, global and comprehensive Information and Communication Technology web-based platform called Collaboration for Development (C4D), while continuing to reach out to people who have no internet access. The development, implementation and administration of the permanent legal forum draws on the partners' vast repository of law and development knowledge, and on the Collaboration for Development platform (C4D), a secure collaboration platform that allows experts and practioners to conduct online brainstorming, learning and knowledge-sharing.

The Global Forum leverages production and dissemination of development-related legal knowledge, helping to identify, discuss, and produce innovative and customized legal solution to development issues.