Global Forum on Law Justice and Development
Generating Innovative Legal Solutions to Development Challenges

Charter and Complementary Documents


On March 6. 2014, the Steering Committee adopted the Charter. The Charter describes the membership and structure of the Global Forum, as well as the work of Partners in broad terms, and the manner in which decisions are made.

Complementary Documents

The Complementary Documents are not part of the Charter, but documents that address specific topics related to its implementation. They are subject to change and constant refinement. The Complementary Documents (as of April 19, 2017) consist of the following components:

A. Identifying and Managing Conflict of Interest – (07/25/12)
B. Note on Language – (08/10/15)
C. Work Program and Result Framework Template - (5/14/15)
D. Evaluation Function – (06/06/12)
E. Authorship and Copyright - (11/20/14)
F. Access to Information – (12/20/13)
G. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Platform – (12/20/13)
H. Leveraging Human Capital – (02/28/12)
I. Trademark and Web Domains – (02/28/12)
J. Financial Partners Representation at the Steering Committee and Timeframe for Financial Contribution– (11/20/14)
K. Guidelines for the Composition of the Steering Committee – (01/30/14)
L. Permission for Use of Logo – (02/28/12)
M. Partnership Management – (07/27/16)
N. Letter of Endorsement – (07/27/16)
O. Template for Minutes – (11/07/14)
P. Communication Plan (07/24/15)
Q. Strategy Statement (04/01/15)
R. Due Diligence for External Use (03/10/16)
S. Guidelines for the Disbursement and Management of Funds Allocated to Global Forum Projects (08/25/2016)