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Société Internationale de Criminologie (ISC), Belgium*

The International Society for Criminology (ISC) was founded in Rome, Italy in 1938. It is the only worldwide organization in the field of criminology and criminal justice. Its objective is to support activities and research designed to produce a better understanding of the crime phenomenon on an international scale. The Society promotes the prevention of crime as well along with improving the procedures used by the various criminal justice systems. Its activities, therefore, focus both on scientific and practical issues.

The International Society for Criminology is a non-governmental organization and many of its members occupy senior positions in their countries and in international institutions. The Society enjoys advisory status at the United Nations and the Council of Europe, and participates in UNESCO’s work. The International Society for Criminology is one of the most active and influential scholarly associations at the forefront in addressing the challenges and problems posed by crime and deviance and in finding solutions that also fully respect human rights and democratic values. The World Congresses of Criminology have been held under the auspices of the International Society of Criminology, since 1938. In this century, congresses were held in Rio de Janeiro (2003), Philadelphia (2005), Barcelona (2008), Kobe, Japan (2011) and Monterrey, Mexico (2014). All were successful, heavily attended, and well covered by the media.

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